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About Metier

My name is Bradley Backhouse,

After over 20 years in Hospitality and 17 years as a business owner, I founded Metier in 2019.

My intention in creating Metier, is to provide insights and tools that anyone can use to uncover what is truly meaningful and important to them, get clear on their mission, vision and purpose in life and start taking the actions that get them the results that they want in life.

I became involved in personal development at 20 years old attending the full landmark curriculum and then went on to learn from Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Loral Langemeir, T. Harv Eker, Chris Howard, Dr Joe Vitale, Sandra Biskind, Ester Hicks, Dr Joe Dispenza, Brian Tracy and more


I had attended so many courses and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.


I amassed a great knowledge of personal development concepts but I just wasn’t seeing any huge results in my life.


In fact among the other participants I wasn’t seeing any consistent results either.


I saw the same  people hanging around year after year, most of them turning up with the same problems over and over.


Of course their was some stand outs and people who had used it to create great results. The poster child for each particular discipline.


Each teacher claimed that their system, their style was the one that produced results. Yet year after year I saw the same people until they inevitably got disillusioned and went on to something new.


I started to get really curious about why do we all keep coming back? What is it that we are getting and what is it that we are missing? Why do some apply what they learn and others don’t?


The promise of all the disciplines was to create the life that you want. Yet that just seemed illusive for me. In fact the harder I tried the more illusive it seemed.


That dream, fairy tale life that was promised seemed just out of my reach. Yet I knew that some others had achieved great results.


So what was it that was missing? Was it me? Did I just not have what it takes to make it like they did? Was I not disciplined enough? was I not deserving enough? Was I not being nice enough to other people?


What was it that was missing? Why did I fail where others succeeded?


Was it even me? Or was the course broken? And if the course was broken then how come some others had succeeded at it?


I knew from my time in the kitchen that a recipe would create a predictable result, if you got all the elements right and you knew the techniques then you could create a predictable result.


Yet in my personal development experience there just didn’t seem to be a recipe.


There just didn’t seem to be a scientific, replicable approach, that was until I discovered the work of Dr John Demartini.


Applying his methodical approach, I started to see changes in my life. It was slow at first, but over time began to snow ball and soon I was achieving beyond what I had previously thought I was capable and a new possibility for living emerged for me.


That is why I chose to complete the training with Dr Demartini and I have a mission to bring this work to a vast number of people.


I would love to share with you the specific action steps, that I have taken to make a difference in my life.


It may be confronting. It may smash the illusions that you hold about yourself.

It may take you out of your comfort zone and force you to get real about where you are in your life and where you are really headed with the actions you are taking.


But stick with it. Be real with yourself and where you are at.


You can’t fool anyone but yourself. If you don’t get honest with yourself and where you are really at then you can’t get where you want to go.


 The pain of breaking your illusions may hurt for a moment, but the pain of regret for not living your life to the full is the greatest pain you can feel.


So I invite you to drop your façade and get real with yourself today.


It starts with the underlying principle, that every event, every person, every success and every failure is on the way and not in the way.


Everything is pointing us to move towards an inspired mission.


Every one of us has an inspired mission to fulfil on this planet.


Each one of us has vision to create


A message to share


A mission to fulfil.


That is why my company is called Metier. Metier means your calling in life.


Every one of us has an inspired calling of service to others.


You are the answer to somebodies question, the solution to somebodies problem. You are needed as you are.


There is nothing to fix, nothing to improve. You are perfect just as you are.


The only thing stopping us from acting on our mission and seeing the perfection of who we are , is our comparison to others and comparing our vision and mission to theirs.


You see each individual’s mission is different.


You may be an inspired mother dedicated to raising an influential family


You may be here to create a global company, or a small boutique business.


You may be here to create vast social or political influence


You may be here to be an inspired spiritual leader.


You may be here to be an academic, or scientist or genius


You may be here to be an athlete, or a model, or designer


You may be here to create a vast fortune


Or all of the above, or any unique purpose.


It is only when we compare ourselves to others that we look up to and inject their values in our life that we assume that we are less successful, or less driven, or that we have failed.

If you would love to live an inspired life, overcome your perceived limitations and get paid what you are really worth, I would love to help you get there.

Demartini Method Facilitator Bradley Bac
Demartini Method Facilitator Bradley Bac

What do we do?


Metier helps individuals, companies and organisations transcend their limitations and hone their inspired vision, using the principles of the Demartini Method®.

We do this by one on one consultations, group consultations, work shops, webinars, corporate training and various other online and physical products.

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our mission

To uncover the hidden order in the apparent chaos, helping individuals transcend their perceived limitations.

Making a difference that makes a difference


find out how metier can help you

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