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Knowledge and Resource Gaps

If you are pursuing goals that are truly meaningful to you then you will be experiencing ever greater challenges.

If you just rely on what you know then you will limit your results to what you already know how to do.

You can learn the wisdom of the ages while you age or you can seek out experts in their field and get the wisdom of the ages without the ageing process.

One of the best ways to bridge your gaps is to ask someone who has been where you want to go.

If you ask your partner or your mum or dad or your uncle or your old boss, if they haven't been where you want to go then they may think your goals are too lofty and try to get you to temper your expectations.

If you ask someone who has already been there then they not only know it's possible but they know what it takes to get there.

They may have contacts and strategies and ideas that you never imagined.

You may be scared to appear ignorant, but you can't reach your destiny by being a big fish in a little pond.

Those that know the most know, that they know so little.

Those that know the least think that they know so much.

So reach out to people have been where you want to go but keep in mind the principal of fair exchange. You will need to offer them something of value as well. That may be in the form of money, equity or even your company but just know there is no something for nothing.

There are plenty of organisations where you can reach out to someone who may have the knowledge or resources you require.

I have included a link here to the resources page with some suggestions.

Anyone that has accomplished anything didn't know how they were going to do it they just knew they were going to do it

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