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Business Mentoring for

Those on A Mission

By Bradley Backhouse

Demartini Method® Facilitator

Demartini Values® Facilitator

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Discover how to map out your personal development strategies to have complete clarity and focus!

No more wasted time and confusion. 

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How does it Work?

Uncover Your Mission & Purpose

Our life is demonstrating our mission and purpose. We help individuals uncover what is truly most meaningful and important to them so they can live inspired lives

Dissolve your fears, blocks and limitations

Heading 5

Get paid to do what you love

Don't let fear, subconscious blocks or perceived limitations hold you back from living the life you are here to live. Using the principles of the Demartini Method®, we help individuals transform any challenge into opportunity and get in to action on their inspired mission

We are here to do what we love and get paid magnificently for it. We help individuals to create specific plans to get paid doing what they love. Everything from idea, operations, growth, marketing, finances and more

find out how metier can help you

Accountability to keep you on track

The masses ask "did I do a good job?

The masters ask "what can I do better"

Having a coach who can see your blind spots and keep you objective is the key to rapid results.

Welcome to 

Dear fellow discoverer,

Being on a personal development journey is rewarding but tougher than most realise.


In order to keep growing we must keep challenging ourselves, and learning, getting feedback. 


To get where we want to go it's essential that not only do we dissolve our fears and limitations, but we also create specific strategies to get us there.

The more you work on yourself the more all areas of your life will flourish.

When we believe in ourselves the world believes in us.

When we invest in ourselves, the world invests in us.

I am inspired to have you join me in one of our many courses or working one on one.

There's more details below.

Here's to making a difference with our time on planet earth.

Metier Founder

Demartini Method Facilitator Bradley Bac
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Our Most Popular Courses 

Image by Pedro Lastra

Discover some clever ways to grow your business and put more money in your pocket even in times of crisis. Learn how to innovate your business and create more profit. Join us at this live virtual workshop hosted by our founder!


-online workshop

Learn the scientific methodology of transformation, The Demartini Method.

The key to empowering and prioritising your life and dissolving emotional baggage

the metier forum

an introduction to the demartini method®


Work  one-on-one with Brad Backhouse utilising the principles of the Demartini Method to empower your life

Join a select group of individuals and entrepreneurs working one-on-one with Brad for a full 12 months.

This is only for highly committed and accountable people looking to create massive results.

Selection criteria applies

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12 month



Engineering Plans

Discover What Drives You And Plan Your Life Around It..Uncover Your Inspiration & Plan A Life You Love

Plan the life you love

Board Meeting


Brad has a huge understanding of human behaviour and has done a tremendous amount  which has worked wonders on my health , marriage and business leaving me inspired to grow in all areas of my life. You will find empowerment where you have never looked before. Truly blessed to meet a authentic genuine genius of a man.


—  Ben Ryan, Border Homes

Reach your full potential

We are here to teach you the tools of the mind so you can propel yourself forward, building your own self-worth in order to achieve your goals and awaken leadership within yourself.

To overcome procrastination and conflicts you must first define your purpose and the direction you want to go in. Learn to set achievable goals in order to tackle any challenge - breakups and divorce, depressive episodes, internal anger and resentments, disappointments, and unmet expectations. Essentially, you will figure out how to get out of your own way!

One of the facts of life is that things are going to happen that we cannot control.


Here at Metier we can make sure they do not define who you become. Traumatic experiences that involve any form of abuse, bullying, or even theft and violence, will have a profound effect on most people but  we’re here to teach you how to face your fears head on, transforming that energy into purpose and drive.


Proven success through self-mastery

There is no need to go through this journey alone. The mindset behind Metier has been in the personal development field for over 20 years; combine this with  40 years of research from the incredible mind of Dr. John DeMartini and you have a powerful solution to dissolve those labels and learning challenges, and reach your true potential. 

We are excited to share our expertise to assist in your incredible journey of self-improvement. Our money back guarantee proves how confident we are in this process, and your ability to achieve direction and self-empowerment.

You found your way here because your intuition is telling you to make a change and we implore you to follow that inner voice and make this happen, or risk beating yourself up inside. Do not let money, time, or circumstance get in your way. We are all about results. Are you?



The 7 Secrets to Maximise Your Profit

Discover some clever ways to grow your business and put more money in your pocket even in times of crisis. Learn how to innovate your business and create more profit. Join us at this live virtual workshop hosted by our founder!

Your Hidden Profits

Discover the hidden profits you are leaving on the table and specific strategies to leverage what you have to put more in your pocket

Stand Out From the Crowd

Learn how to communicate with your clients in a way that will keep them engaged so they don't even consider the competition


Clear roadmap of all the actions you need to take to reach your goals

Automation & Delegation

The two key principles to master to be a business owner who still has a life

Think Your Way to Wealth

Get ahead of the competition by using first principles thinking

Charge What You're Worth

Overcome the #1 mental block holding you back from charging what you are truly worth

Demartini Method Facilitator Bradley Bac


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