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What Have I Got to Be Grateful About?

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Sometimes in life things just don't seem to go as planned. You may have tried everyway you know how to get a result and it's still not working for you.

Or maybe you look at others and think,

Why are they getting what they want in life but I keep struggling?

Sometimes we can feel desperate, frustrated, depressed, angry.

We can look at our lives and think what do I have to be grateful for?

The truth is every circumstance, event, every person and everything that occurs is a gift that is leading us to an inspired mission.

When we are stuck in the midst of an extremely challenging circumstance it may be hard to see the gift in the challenge.

If we look back in a day, a week, a month, a year or a decade we can see with hindsight that when we saw no way the challenge was the way.

You have the power to be grateful for your challenges now.

Gratitude for what is, as it is, will change your life

Metric your gratitude daily and you will begin to see results in your life.

This is such a simple process but has the power to create a profound effect on your life.

In the Personal Development Plan there is a section in the back to track 7 moments of gratitude each day.

Take the time to focus on, feel and record in writing what you are grateful for.

Real Gratitude v False Gratitude

It's easy to be grateful when everything is going your way but how about when things just aren't seeming to work out for you?

What about when you're failing?

When you're being criticised?

When you can't see how you can afford to get what you want?

There is a death of a loved one?

Loss of a job?

There are countless reasons why you could be ungrateful, bitter, resentful or wishing things were different.

But what if you found that things that challenged you most were exactly what you needed to uncover your inspired destiny.

I would like to share with you a story that I have rarely shared.

12 years ago, I found myself living in my car.

I had a business at the time and had a falling out with my business partners. It was decided that they would buy out my share. I had been drawing a salary from the business up until that point.

They told me it would take a month for them to finalise paying me out my share.

I had been foolish with my money at this time. All though I had an asset in the business, I was spending my pay every week and was living week to week.

I was living interstate for this business and now they were no longer paying my accommodation.

So one day I found myself with just a hundred dollars in my pocket and my van and a month until I knew I had any money coming in.

So I found myself sleeping in the van. It was a tradie van and was not very comfortable.

My first night a group of people tried to break in. So the next night I decided to drive somewhere more remote. The next day my van wouldn't start. So now I was stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

I decided then to start a business, a chef agency. I wanted a low cost, high margin business.

So in the day I would go to the library and use the internet and email potential clients. Then at the end of the day trek my way out to the van to sleep.

It wasn't long before I got my first client and got to work.

I had never experienced that level of drive to succeed at what I was doing before. It was almost like I had it too easy for too long. The challenge forced me to succeed.

That business I started at my lowest point, with no confidence or faith that it would succeed has now been going 10 years, finding work for over a thousand people for hundreds of venues and turned over millions of dollars.

I have had a lot of ups and downs in that business but I can't deny it has created massive value to my life.

The challenge I faced when I started it made me grow up, be more mature with my finances, be more mature in my communications with people, break my sense of entitlement, drive me to succeed at what I was doing.

Our greatest challenges are our greatest opportunities. Don't wait days, years, months, decades to see it.

Be grateful now for what is as it is.

Great geniuses look to understand nature as it is and not in terms of fantasises that they impose on to it.

You need both support and challenge to achieve your dreams.

Think of support as prey and challenge as predator. You need both to survive. Without prey you will starve, without predator you won't have fitness.

True gratitude is being grateful for both support and challenge and knowing that you need both.

You will never escape the challenge. Support and challenge are like two sides of a magnet, inseparable.

Most people seek support and attract challenge. But masters choose challenges that inspire them and attract support.

Gratitude for your supporters and your challengers will transform your life.

Those that are thankful have more to be thankful for.

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