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Do not be fooled by positive thinking bullshit that if you focus on your problems you will attract them into your life.

I actually believed this for a short period of my life and I in that period I had more problems than ever before.

If your goal is aligned with your highest value you will pursue it through pleasure and pain. If it's not you will only continue if it's easy.

When you pursue a worthwhile goal there will be risks and problems along the way.

It is important to create a strategic plan to mitigate the risks.

The more that you plan and create contingencies for risks and problems the less likely you will be to encounter the problems.

Putting your head in the sand and thinking it will all work out and will all be ok, makes it almost certain that you will run into the problems that you're trying to avoid.

"All Winter Think of Summer. 

All Summer Think of Winter"

So ask yourself, what problems will I face in the next;

3 months

6 months

12 months?

How can I solve these problems in advance?

What risks am I likely to encounter?

How can I mitigate those risks?

What if some aspect of my plan doesn't go as desired? What is my plan B my plan C and my plan D

When you focus on only the positive you have no certainty and you live wishing and hoping.

When you focus on the negative and the positive you have certainty.

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