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Discover how to map out your personal development strategies to have complete clarity and focus!

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Your quarterly theme is a way of keeping on track.


It’s a way of breaking down your bigger goals into more manageable chunks.


This is a principle that I have used in business to break up a year and keep on track with the number 1 thing for that quarter that will make the biggest difference.

My current theme is ‘content and cash’ this is both for my business and my life.


It is something I am focusing on creating in my business but also gives me a focus for my study and reminds me of the purpose and has me keep an audience in mind.

This quarter I am focusing on creating valuable content and also growing and maintaining my cash reserve


My past themes have included’

  • Systemise, Automate, delegate

  • Customer love

  • Knowing my numbers


My themes generally revolve around business which is my highest value.

Your theme will also most likely revolve around your highest value.

Your theme is about keeping you on priority

What is the number one thing that you would like to achieve this quarter

How does achieving that fit into your bigger plan

I suggest having a rough plan for the 4 themes you will need for the year but only commit to the theme when you write your new quarterly plan.

Your theme focuses you and your team on the highest priority to get you to the next level
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