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"You can only become yourself to the degree that you make everything and everyone around you yourself"

So we are at the part of the plan that leads to new results.

Let’s start by owing traits.

If you have never attended Dr Demartini’s breakthrough experience or my own Metier Forum then I definitely recommend that you do both if possible.

Links to both below here.

If not, you can still do this exercise.

First, identify which traits, actions or inaction's that if you knew you had would make the greatest difference in the pursuit of your goals.

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

Lao Tzu

For example you may think that you are missing


The ability to make a huge profit


The discipline to exercise everyday


The good looks


Now go and identify who, in the world exhibits this trait the best at renowned for it…


For the examples above you may look at;

Warren Buffet for profit

Dwanye Johnson for disciple to exercise

Miranda Kerr for her looks


It can be anyone you admire or look up to, alive or dead.


Just be sure they are a real person and that you have documented evidence of their existence.


Next look into their life by watching them on youtube or other video, reading their autobiography or biography.

Try to use primary sources as much as possible.


This may be difficult for people who lived along time ago, but try for original writings if possible.

Now document when and where you perceive this individual to exhibit the specific trait action or inaction that you admire or look up to.


Now document where you perceive them to display the exact opposite trait.


Don’t say you can’t. No one is one sided. If you can spot one trait you can spot the opposite.

Once you have recorded the trait, write down 20-50 times that you have displayed or demonstrated the exact same trait, action or inaction and who has perceived you.

For example

Person – Warren Buffet

Trait  - Making a large financial profit

Where have I done this – Old house, bedroom, Vic Park

When have I done this – March 2014, a Saturday, early afternoon

Who perceived it – Myself, Joanna, Justin


Make sure you get present in the moment when you have displayed or demonstrated this trait. Get as many details as possible.


Start big and go smaller. Which country, city, state, suburb, house, room in house..which year, season, month, day of week, hour of the day..get present..


Do this 20 – 50 times until you can say with certainty that you have displayed or demonstrated the exact same trait, action or inaction of the person that you admire to the same degree


Don’t lie to yourself and say that you don’t have it or haven’t done it. I am absolutely certain that every individual on the planet has every trait.

It may however be expressed in a different form.


Your values will dictate where you have  the trait.

If your highest value is raising a family then your profit may be in the form of your may have invested hours into educating your children and now they’re excelling at school.

If your highest value is your physical body then your profit may be found there…you may have invested hours in the gym and the profit is your fit physique


Start with owning where it is the same.

So for the Warren Buffet example above look for where you have made a financial profit.


Document every moment.

Then move on to where it is similar.


This could be in your highest values, your family, business, body, spirituality…where have you put in and gotten a pay off as a result

Lastly look for different (but still the same trait) do this by asking yourself,


“what does this trait mean to me”


Warren Buffett making a massive profit could mean to you for example

  • Seen as phenomenally successful

  • Self-educating and following a wise plan

  • Having wealth and resources

Look in your own life and see where you have been perceived to have this trait, action or inaction.

Document every moment. Don’t stop until you have certainty that you have the same trait to the same degree.

Now do the exact same thing for the opposite trait.

When you spot where you have it you have the freedom to use it.

This exercise has the power to transform all areas of your life, but it takes time and work.

I suggest joining a group such as my traits of the greats mastermind to keep you accountable and on track

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